Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Fun!

 You were able to blow out eggs for the first time with Grandma Naomi and after a few tries...you all figured it out and could hardly wait to blow out your next egg!

Then on Saturday morning, you were able to decorate Easter eggs and this time we used hard boiled eggs.  Mom is excited to make some egg salad very soon. You guys decorated about 6 eggs each. 

 Uncle Trey and Jess stopped by Saturday to give you some Easter gifts and visit.
 This was the best family pic we got at church Sunday morning. 

 After your naps, you woke up and changed clothes and started the outdoor Easter hunt.  It was alot of fun watching you guys run to find eggs. 

 Boy was it great to have daddy home for 4 days in a row.  We are looking forward to our trip to the cities this coming weekend.  Boy do we miss you when you are gone!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My sleeping babes!

I decided to go check and see if the boys were sleeping and found this!  I just had to take a picture....cuz I now know why someone is always crawling in my bed at night.  I don't think I would sleep very well either.

Our new furniture for our home!

I was soooo excited to get our new furniture for our living room.  Our old furniture filled up the basement family room in this house.  We even got the walls painted and added some white enamel to the windows and trimwork.  I just LOVE my new room.  The area rug is probably my favorite.   

This light has been in the home since 1986....and I can't wait to find a different light for this area.  I will just keep looking for sales at Home Depot!  I am looking for a bronze fixture now.

The previous owners lived in the home for 26 years and never bothered to put any hardware on the cupboards.  It drives me nuts trying to open up the drawers without any hardware.  So after a trip to Home Depot...and purchasing 3 contractor's packs of knobs for $40.00....we now have knobs. 


We took you bowling at Spare Time Lanes in Enderlin.  You all had a great time.  I thought you all looked super cute in your bowling shoes!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baking Fun!

Making bread....such good helpers you are!
Baking cookies with Grandma.

Fun With Family

Playing Dominos with Grandma Naomi.
Helping Grandpa Mike open his bday present!

Hugs from Uncle Jeff.

Love Grandma's "hoodie towels" that she made.


Uncle Bryan and Jillian took you sledding in the backyard of our new home in good ol Minnesota!  The previous owners left us each a tube sled as a house warming gift (now that is generous!)  
Thanks Uncle Bryan and Jillian for travelling all the way to Mahtomedi, MN to help us move into our new home and entertaining the boys. We appreciate it!  

Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st Wrestling practice

You worked super hard at your first practice.  You were able to warm up right next to your buddy Peyton from daycare and that put a smile on your face.  At the very end.....the coaches had all of you sit in a circle and go over some of the rules of wrestling and you just spouted out, "when do we get to wrestle anyways?!" 

Deer Hunting

 We had a blast driving around the country roads trying to spot deer.  Kasen got to join Grandpa Mike, Uncle John, and dad on the big walk thru the woods while mom stayed in the truck with Kage and Krew.  The twins got pretty excited when they heard the guns firing! 

 It was neat to see the different responses in all 3 of you.  Kasen and Kage wanted to touch the deer and get as close as they could.  Krew, on the other hand, clung to dad and cried anytime he got close to the deer!

Twins turn 2!!